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What are you offering??


Working as a trainer is well paid and flexible, but it's also fun! It’s satisfying to see people learn, it’s highly sociable, and very secure.  You have no boss, total freedom over your time, and a chance to truly make a difference.


I have been successfully running training courses for over 20 years - all over the world as well as online.  Now I am teaching a select group everything I know, and personally coaching them to become successful trainers.


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What happens on the call??

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1)  About your goals, your career history, and the pros and cons of being a trainer.  I'll see whether I think it's a career you'd be well suited to you, and most importantly whether it would make you happy!

2)  Importantly - it's not a sales call - it's a chance for you to ask me anything, and for me to give you some free career advice and share my years of experience.

3). If we both agree you'd make a great trainer then you can join my group of budding trainers and I'll personally commit myself to making sure you succeed as a self-employed trainer.