Can you mix training, consultancy, and coaching?

career success training Feb 27, 2021

1 – Training and Consultancy

Work well together.

Consultancy for 3 days a week provides good solid regular income.

Training for 1 or 2 days a week provides much better day rate.

Training keeps you going during the gaps between consultancy contracts.

Training leads to consultancy work

Consultancy leads to training work.

Anyone doing consultancy could (and maybe should) set up a training business in parallel

2 – Training and Coaching

Work well together.

Particularly if your training work is hours over zoom rather than days of face to face because then a coaching session doesn’t block out a whole potential day of training.

If you work 100% as a face to face trainer then don’t do coaching as well – it will mess up your diary too much.

The other snag with a mix is that coaching is generally not well paid compared to training, so really the more training you can get in the mix, the better.

Training plus coaching is the best learning process for delegates – the only question is whether YOU want to deliver both.

Training definitely leads to coaching work, if you want it

In your early days of training you might welcome the coaching income rather than nothing.

Coaching might lead to training work.

Anyone doing coaching could (and probably should) set up a training business in parallel – if training is something they enjoy.

But if you are currently a coach you could gradually transition over, and the two will work together just fine during this transition period (of perhaps several years)

3 – Consultancy and Coaching

Work well together.

If you’re a consultant you might be asked to do some coaching within your client company, and why not, for the same day rate.

Alternatively if you’re working on a 3 days a week contract  as a consultant you could do some coaching on the other days.

The coaching will keep you going (to a limited extent) during the gaps between consultancy contracts.

Coaching can lead to consultancy work.

But training is better than both of these two – in my opinion!

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