Routes to becoming self employed…

career training Feb 26, 2021

To become a freelance management trainer the 10 steps are:

  1. Think about your subject(s)  *
  2. Prepare material  *
  3. Practice training within your job to check you can do it and that you enjoy it. 
  4. Then set up (unpublished) website, blog, YouTube – to establish presence – in parallel with job  *
  5. Get permission to do some training during holiday time off
  6. Launch website and YouTube  *
  7. Start selling and delivery  *
  8. Once you feel it taking off, go part time and keep increasing your customer base (if part time is not possible then go straight to 9!).  
  9. Once you are too busy to cope with demand, and probably earning more than you do in your job, leave your job fully and FLY, as a self-employed trainer.  
  10. Enjoy the freedom, flexibility, holidays and time off!

*  I can help you with these steps

I have assumed that you’re starting as a fully employed person.

If you are already self-employed or part time, or not employed at all, then the route is quicker:

You can do it!

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Let me help you climb the mountain!

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Certainly it’s well worth climbing, but VERY hard to do it on your own.


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