What is “Successful Trainers” all about?

career training Feb 26, 2021

You might have seen my adverts on YouTube, Linkedin or Facebook.

After years of being asked “I’d like to do what you do – could I pick your brains?” I’ve decided to help people do what I’ve been happily doing since 1997.

I really do think training is the best job in the world – fun, satisfying, flexible hours, and VERY well paid.

And being self employed is definitely the way to go, if you can find something you can DO and SELL – and perhaps for you training might just be that thing…

I’m coaching a small elite group of people to become successful self employed management trainers. The programme is between 3 months and a year depending on how much help you want, and during that time I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned in 20 years of doing it myself.

Often coaches just ask you what you plan to do, how you feel about it, what are the barriers, and have you done it yet. I’ll do this, I’ll be there for support of course, …but much more than that, I do KNOW all the answers, having worked them out the hard way over 20 years. I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

It’s almost impossible to build a business without help – you’ll make rookie errors, you’ll run out of motivation and end up procrastinating the tough stuff, and if you DO succeed you’ll take much longer to get there. So get a coach, even if it isn’t me!

Although, to blow my own trumpet just for a moment, I have successfully run a training business for 20 years, earning well over 120k for the last ten (in 1999 I delivered 140 days of training at an average fee of £1400/day which totalled £199,000, and still had time to go on holiday five times – Georgia (skiing), Miami, Tenerife, Mallorca, and Norway). In 2020 I averaged two Zoom hours a week at £500/session which is £50,000 from just two hours a week, …without even having to put trousers on.

Training is the best job in the world
and this is the best coaching programme in the world, to get you there.

And if you want to know about on-line video courses I can teach you about that too – on both Udemy and Linkedin Learning I’m one of the best-selling authors in the world. Learn from the best!

What do you get?

  • If you join my gang you’ll get:
  • Structured programme: information every week from me, by document and video, gradually feeding you with everything you need to know,
  • Weekly group mastermind calls with me personally – ask anything you like, and learn from the questions asked by others,
  • Your own coach (an experienced trainer) who meets with you 1:1 every fortnight to help you in any way you need – and to keep you on track!
  • All current and previous group calls are recorded and stored in an indexed database, for reference at any time,
  • Access to me 24-7 via Slack,
  • Community discussions and support via Slack – a group of likeminded people gives great support and motivation,
  • “Open Mic” – regular meets where we try out talks to our own internal supportive audience for confidence building and improvements to structure and technique,
  • Alumni – even after you finish you’ll keep in touch, and everyone in our community will share work, enquiries for subjects they don’t teach, ideas and knowledge etc

What sort of things will you learn about?

  • How to set up as self employed
  • Strategy, pricing, which subjects and how many?
  • How to write a great training course
  • How to run a great training course
  • How to sell training: repeats, testimonials, referrals, proposals etc
  • Marketing: – blogs, YouTube videos, Buffer, Linkedin posting, etc
  • Videos – how to film and edit
  • Online training – how to sell and run Zoom courses, how to design, make and upload courses to Udemy

    Want to know more?

    If you think this would be of interest, please do book a call with me – I can tell you more about what we’re doing and also tell you whether training would be a good career for you. Click below to book a call:

    Book a Discovery Call with me


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