Possible effect of a recession on being a freelance trainer

career success training Feb 28, 2021

A recession may or may not be coming because of Covid (and in the UK we have Brexit as well, adding to the unknowns).

Should we worry?  In particular, if you are in the training business?  Or thinking of getting into it?

After 20 years of regularly thinking I’m going to run out of work, thinking “This time it really IS serious”, and then never having actually run out of work, I would say that it’s not a problem – and here’s why:

1 – in any time of change, some organisations will be doing well, and we only need to find and look after about 30 to live off as a self employed trainer.  Currently I know that accountants are very busy, so are IT companies, and anyone selling anything online; sheds and garden plants are up, DIY and house improvements all doing well.  Food and other essentials are unaffected.  Car sales have been up recently, catching back up due to pent-up...

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Big or small audiences?

If you’re a presenter / trainer, which one is better? – to run training workshops for small groups, or to try to get speaking gigs at conferences?

I’ve ended up doing the first one, but was that a sensible career path to choose? I certainly do enjoy doing the occasional conference keynote, and they ARE well paid if you can get them. They make me a bit nervous before I go on stage, but as I do it and afterwards I get a real buzz.

So here are what I think are the pros and cons of the two options. I hope this is helpful summary if you are contemplating which way to go:


Advantages of keynotes – talks to larger audiences

  • Pay per hour
  • Pay per day
  • Only have to work for an hour
  • (although build up beforehand doubles it)
  • Can do it the same every time
  • Difficult people in the group are not an issue
  • No need to interact except in a shallow way
  • The BUZZ


Advantages of workshops –  training smaller groups

  • Easier to sell
  • More...
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Could you do it?

success training Feb 27, 2021

Do you have the option to become a self-employed trainer? Would you be able to do it, even if you wanted to?

One step into the red and you can’t do it I’m afraid….

If you pass the test, and you think you might make a good self-employed trainer (and it IS the best job in the world!) then contact me at www.successfultrainers.com to find out how I can help you to get there!

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“Could I be a self employed management trainer?”

career training Feb 27, 2021

Your answer is here:

If you are in the green for everything – then you can do it.

(And if you are in the green throughout, and want help, contact me to discuss further how I can help you do it: www.successfultrainers.com)

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Can you mix training, consultancy, and coaching?

career success training Feb 27, 2021

1 – Training and Consultancy

Work well together.

Consultancy for 3 days a week provides good solid regular income.

Training for 1 or 2 days a week provides much better day rate.

Training keeps you going during the gaps between consultancy contracts.

Training leads to consultancy work

Consultancy leads to training work.

Anyone doing consultancy could (and maybe should) set up a training business in parallel

2 – Training and Coaching

Work well together.

Particularly if your training work is hours over zoom rather than days of face to face because then a coaching session doesn’t block out a whole potential day of training.

If you work 100% as a face to face trainer then don’t do coaching as well – it will mess up your diary too much.

The other snag with a mix is that coaching is generally not well paid compared to training, so really the more training you can get in the mix, the better.

Training plus coaching is the best learning process for...

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Routes to becoming self employed…

career training Feb 26, 2021

To become a freelance management trainer the 10 steps are:

  1. Think about your subject(s)  *
  2. Prepare material  *
  3. Practice training within your job to check you can do it and that you enjoy it. 
  4. Then set up (unpublished) website, blog, YouTube – to establish presence – in parallel with job  *
  5. Get permission to do some training during holiday time off
  6. Launch website and YouTube  *
  7. Start selling and delivery  *
  8. Once you feel it taking off, go part time and keep increasing your customer base (if part time is not possible then go straight to 9!).  
  9. Once you are too busy to cope with demand, and probably earning more than you do in your job, leave your job fully and FLY, as a self-employed trainer.  
  10. Enjoy the freedom, flexibility, holidays and time off!

*  I can help you with these steps

I have assumed that you’re starting as a fully employed person.

If you are already self-employed or part time,...

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What is “Successful Trainers” all about?

career training Feb 26, 2021

You might have seen my adverts on YouTube, Linkedin or Facebook.

After years of being asked “I’d like to do what you do – could I pick your brains?” I’ve decided to help people do what I’ve been happily doing since 1997.

I really do think training is the best job in the world – fun, satisfying, flexible hours, and VERY well paid.

And being self employed is definitely the way to go, if you can find something you can DO and SELL – and perhaps for you training might just be that thing…

I’m coaching a small elite group of people to become successful self employed management trainers. The programme is between 3 months and a year depending on how much help you want, and during that time I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned in 20 years of doing it myself.

Often coaches just ask you what you plan to do, how you feel about it, what are the barriers, and have you done it yet. I’ll do this, I’ll be there for...

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